Being in love

Faith, to me, is like being in love. It takes a lot of work. It is not something that we just fall into easily everyday because the normal things of life creep in and we don't have to walk by faith. 

One person I talked with put being married like this:  you fall in love and have all these wonderful feelings about the other person. Then you marry and life gets in the way. You have to take out the trash, clean the toilet, and do the normal things of life. Pretty soon those lovely feelings have to work into the daily life of the couple.

This is like faith. You come to know God deeply within and there are all these wonderful feelings and then we live everyday life:  taking out the trash, cleaning the bathroom, and making supper. Have you bothered to pray today?  Have you worshipped with others encouraging them in the faith?  Have you read any of the scriptures and bothered to see how the story intersects with everyday life?

That is the walk of faith which takes us through the difficult times in our lives and sustains us in the wilderness of loss, hurts and tumbles. Will you walk this way everyday?