Where's the treasure

Yesterday we read from Luke's gospel the story of the rich ruler who goes away to receive royal power and leaves 10 on his servants in charge of a pound each (Luke 19:11-27).  The thing we got out of this story is we are in charge of the kingdom of God here and now.  What we do and how we act toward others is how we are judged. 

I had a 2 year old visit with me yesterday.  It was a treasure.  We went and got water together, because it was so hot and muggy yesterday, we gathered together some things his family needed, and we watered the plants because it is fun to play in water.  I took time out of my schedule for this unexpected visit and gave myself fully over to the attention of this young man.  It was a blessing as he went to leave and I received great big hugs.  This is kingdom work. 

Every time I risk taking time out of my schedule for something unexpected which has me interacting with others is kingdom work.  It asks me to open myself to the other who is there, not rushing them out of my office or church because I am busy with tasks already.  Each time I really allow myself to be fully present in this there are blessings.  Like the time the gentleman saw we needed bags filled for the food pantry and we did it together, or the time I delivered the food because someone had already walked across town to the door and I wasn't back on time, or any number of other interruptions which mean I have to stop, listen, and interact.  They are all blessings to me because I get to talk with others about their lives, hopes, and dreams.  Somewhere in the midst of this God meets us.  Isn't that what kingdom work is about?