All are welcome

All are welcome to the table of love.
No conditions, no limitations, no rules to first live by.
All are welcome to partake of food, Spirit, love.
Falling and touching every heart which sits round.

The table of love is bigger than we can imagine.
It is not made from this world and challenges us,
to think of the broader faces reaching out in hunger.
For acceptance, a place to be, a welcome, a letting go

Of all the pictures we hold onto because they were broken,
long, long ago by a man who walked this earth like us and said.
All are welcome to the table of love.
Such simple words that broke the flood of human labels, signs.

It held up the folly of our limitations to not see more deeply.
To not let go and let our barriers down, to not release this deep love
Free in songs that reach out and touch each soul.
Saying you are mine, you are loved.