Our historic church was built in 1903. There are tension rods that run right through the middle of the church. There has to be just the right amount of tension in order for the whole building to stand. 

I think this is the way it is with with the kingdom of God. Jesus tells us in the gospels that it is here (Matthew 4:17,  Luke 17:21) and in other places it hasn't arrived yet (Matthew 6:10, Mark 10:23-24). See when Jesus was here he actually lived, put into action the kingdom of God. Eating with sinners, talking with women, healing the unclean, and feasting all as if God's kingdom is here and now. Believing that one person, one life somehow made a big difference to everyone else. See I don't think we live that way at all. 

When is the last time you felt a little bit of tension in you?  Have you gone to places that make you uncomfortable, have you met and ate with sinners and truly listened to them?  See I think most often we avoid tension. We think we have God figured out and God sits somewhere far away and intervenes in our lives at God's own pleasure. We don't think we're the ones who are supposed to continue Jesus' kingdom work. 

This is one of the reasons some of us avoid church. Yes, I know some people have been truly hurt by others, but that is not of God either and is another topic. I'm talking about people who go to church and feel the tension because your pastor/priest is crazy enough to say you need to take action. So you leave hoping,  believing that God just wants you to sit back and pray. The problem is the kingdom of God is an action. One we need to start living in our lives toward others. It's happening in pockets of unknown places. May you start your own.