Today I look at picture I've taken.  On the phone the flower seemed not to take form or reveal itself.  Now that I look at it bigger on my computer it is beautiful.  Revealing little by little its hidden beauty to me. 

When I was in philosophy classes I used to love to read Merleau-Ponty because he focused so much on how perspective somehow influences your thoughts.  What you see and how you see it, whether or not there are more possibilities to something than one.  All because of a change of perspective. 

This is what I think about the Bible and all the stories contained in it.  Too often we turn it into flat words that are rules meant to just be read off the page.  We forget the beauty that these stories are alive in out lives, present to us and that is all influenced by our perspective.  We may read a story, know it by heart, and yet some new thought enters because we have lived life and are older, seen or experienced something new, or just have come to a time of grief.  Something shatters and we see the words take new meaning forming something new in us that can't be explained.  This is what makes the gospel "good news"  it can transform and reach through time telling us something about us today, our lives, our story, in the drama of the Bible making the words come alive and change us or maybe just making us see with new eyes.

The pieces lay around me
  scattered on the floor
Reflecting back
  so many images
But they are only
  pieces of the Whole One
Trying to put them together
  they are unfocused
We only see through
  the glass darkly
God is the One to
  put it all together
Then we shall see
  face to face