Today we have a look at the promise of peace.  It seems a long dream, this peace, in our world, in our lives, in our families.  How can we ever hope to obtain and hold onto peace?

I think the first thing is to realize this is not something we create our selves.  Just before this in John's gospel (14:23-29) Jesus promises to send and Advocate, the actual Greek word Paraclete means much more than this: advocate, comforter, intercessor and the word is divided in two "call beside".  So we are not alone in the quest for peace which the world can't give. 

I think we get glimpses of this in our own lives when we are surprised by loving kindness.  Think of a time when someone has gone over and above your expectations or you have done that to someone else.  What is the result of this action has a lot to do with a glimpse of God's peace.  When I was doing my Mentored Practice the Vestry of the church (board, deacons) told me words of how I was in ministry.  All the words they used were ones which meant the most to me because they were how I would like to be described.  They were beautiful loving gifts and that evening a peace of blessing was in my heart.  A glimpse of a peace beyond this world, which sustains us in walking forward.  May we all be able to glimpse this peace in our lives and try to live it every day.