What is the most irrelevant thing you have done?  I mean irrelevant to the culture.  We have a culture that values individualism, but you are all supposed to worry about looking younger, or having the best protection, or having the newest item.  What is irrelevant is thinking about the community as a whole, being yourself (instead of medically changing it), taking risk, and loving everyone.

Isn't that what we are asked to do as Christians?  Instead we have tied Christianity to politics or made it tied to the culture of God's blessing and we forget we are supposed to be Christian first.  This means doing what is irrelevant and not caring what the politics says or what the blessing is in dollar signs.  Now I don't mean to the point of being not Christian and pushing too far in the other direction, but how many of us have been accused of being out of our minds because of our actions?

Do we just hand out food or do we care about praying with the people, talking with them, hearing about their lives?  Do we really try to love everyone and pray for our enemies realizing their point may be grounded in their faith too?  Do we give away all we have to find much more?  Do we realize that blessing comes not only in dollar signs, but in gifts of love from others?  Can we be irrelevant?