Eyes to see

How do we treat another person?  It is hard sometimes to look with the eyes of the sacred and see a person of worth and love.  One time there was a celebration and a man walked in, he was hungry.  All anyone could see was his appearance.  There was a whole table spread with food and the only thought was to get rid of the gentleman.  Either because of fear, appearance, smell.  I was sent to talk with him and told that there was a different need.  When we sat down outside I found out he was just hungry. All the food spread out on the table and we couldn't share it because of appearance.

Jesus didn't think much of appearances.  I am reminded of the Gerasene demonic who was chained by the tombs because the people feared him (Luke 8:26-39).  Jesus doesn't avoid him, he heals him, puts him in his right mind and sits down with him.  Jesus sat down with so many unlikely people.  People we often put off to the side or shove out.  It didn't matter that the people of Gerasene came and asked Jesus to leave because of all this and he didn't take the man with him, but told him to stay and tell all what was done for him. 

There is an abundance in giving and receiving from others.  We only have to open ourselves to the possibility that the holy resides in the other.  Can we see beyond the external to the inside worth of one another and open the possibility of God's healing touch in all?