"Know that all lives are mine;" Ezekiel 18:4a

We get this reminder from God often.  Whether it is when God questions Job about whether he is the one who made the heavens and the earth or we are traveling with Jonah in a whale at some point we have to realize our lives are not our own.  We have a culture built on certainties:  having food, clothing, shelter, more of what we want, being younger, or being safe we believe we can control our lives.  In other words they are not certain. 

Uncertainty can lead us to question everything we believe, which is healthy and a part of our faith journey.  We need to throw ourselves onto the waves of uncertainty in order to bump into God in our lives.  I cannot do this by myself.  We have such a way of thinking we are all supposed to individually pull ourselves up to a better life.  I have found I cannot do this on my own.  Whether I am throwing myself into prayer and telling this to God or reaching out to friends in order to find the community of faith standing by my side I fully realize I cannot live this life alone or solitary. 

I find this has been the most freeing thing for my faith walk.  Having others pray or even my prayers, "be with me I cannot do this by myself."  It is the strongest part of faith because we walk without knowing what the future may hold, but we know it is held in God's hand.