Ancient ties

One day on the Sandy River in Maine I was walking on top of a piece of granite ledge which was around at the ice age. The top of it is worn by the action of the receding glacier grinding dirt into it's top. It hit me that I was standing atop something so ancient and old, what had it seen (if it could). What changes had taken place, like the major route coming by. Just to feel how old it was is an awesome thought, a sacred connection. 

What about when we celebrate communion?  Is it possible to feel that old connection and tie to an upper room?  Do we ever stop to think of the actual tie to Jesus and the disciples?  What this action must have meant to them after Jesus had ascended to the Father. 

It is such an ancient and sacred act. One which ties us together as the body of Christ. An ancient part of the early church and one some of us don't do often enough. A simple meeting of the divine given to us in a moment. Regiven on the end of the journey on the Emmaus road. Jesus is known to us in the breaking of the bread. May we meet together there.