The night sky

We have a new house on a lake, and I have to say, sitting on the lake at night watching the bats, the stars come out, and hearing the peepers and bullfrogs is a comforting, life giving experience.  It is so wonderful to be enveloped into the darkness and become a part of it.  Searching for the light in the sky, which starts with the brightest stars first (usually planets) and then to see the patchwork grow into this never-ending boundary of points everywhere. 

For me the stars and night was where deep healing took place when I couldn't take the first steps to escape from my ex-husband.  It was the place I could step into and pray to God for help, it was my refuge from the house where I was beaten and bruised, it was the place where all my secret thoughts could make there way and I was free!  I was free to say what was on my heart, free to not be hurt, and free to roam in the stars with my eyes if only for a short time. 

I remember those times when I hear and see these things now.  Because it represents that freedom for me.  The way of reckless abandon and prayer to God.  I can feel God's arms surround me and know that I am heard and guided in my prayers.  It is such a wonderful place to pray because in the stars I know that darkness does not conquer all our days.  We can roam free and say to God the secrets of our hearts.  We become fully known and know that God's arms are open for us to fall in to.  Anytime and any hour.