The light of life

Last night we walked by the bay and watched the sun set.  It grew darker and darker and soon we were in that time where it is almost too dark to walk.  I could see lots of shells when we started out, but when we left I couldn't make out what I was picking up.  The beautiful orange dulled to more of a light streak smaller and smaller on the horizon.

This can help us to realize how small we are in this world.  Yet trusting that we are held in the Creator's hands is an awesome picture.  Small and yet not forgotten, not irrelevant, not unnoticeable.  On the walk there were peepers croaking, if you listened really carefully.  You see the noise from so many other things here drowns out what is so clear in the woods at our house.  Even though they are small their sound does carry.  To me it is that symbol of not being forgotten or unimportant.  The sound they make shows a connection to the earth we all share.  The thing is do we recognize it.

Jesus seems to recognize many things that are on the margins, either unheard or unseen.  Whether it is the man who was born blind or the little children the disciples were trying to keep away from bothering him.  He notices everyone.  If we open our eyes and ears we can have an encounter with the holy.  It is whether or not we chose to hear or see it.  Do we look at it as a bother like the children or do we pass by when someone is crying out?  Do we dare to listen and watch more carefully, choosing to see and hear what might be Christ inviting us in?  See if you can practice that today.  Watch and listen more carefully.  Maybe you will catch a glimpse of the holy in your own life.