In search of the Holy

We search for the holy as if we could make it appear before us. 
It is found in the simple spaces of the heart when we slow down to take notice.
In a sacred story shared, in a smile, a touch, a prayer.
When we recognize vulnerability brought to us in trust.

We decide to recognize or let it pass us by.
Wondering if we will ever encounter a holy moment.
A time with the God of our heart.
A place where we can sojourn in a world of turmoil.

When we shut out the distractions we can find
We hold it in our hearts and hands to discover.
If we can be silent, still, rest, and let it flow.
Through our hearts, out of our lives in the simplest touch.

The Spirit within breathes it into being and the gentle flow
is so silent, so peaceful, so small we have to be.
The sacred born within, a holy moment in time.
A flow and pull of the heartstrings of God.