the light of life

strong bonds of sacred run through each day
even though it is of facing death, sadness, chains
and there is more freedom in every step on the path
the more bound, the more weight of tears, the more death is in front
the bounds of  love pour forth in water, in bread, in wine,
in tears, in chains falling, in deaths door
the strength of love finds its way into the heart
in small spaces, tiny cracks, breaking its way
until realizing love has invaded the whole being

in the beat of hearts, in seeing the worth of everyone
like a fog in the mists of the heart, refreshing, cleansing
awakening all the tendrils of connection from within
weaving deeply into ground and root, not to anchor
and bind to ground, but to plunge deeply into unobstructed
ways binding all to the heartbeat of earth and life
watering us in the ways which even the dark does not defeat
diving us deeper into the love which conquers all

all preconceived notions, all words which hurt
all things which make another less than truly sacred
love binds all of this in a free gift which is inside us if we dare to see
it is a light which freely gives life to all it touches
do we dare to touch and live in its glow?
do we dare to commit to such a task?
to be the light in the soul, heralding to all
the importance of every thing which lives

Copyright Annette Joseph