What is Christmas

I have had an extremely hard time this year with buying anything.  I don't buy into the thought that getting the right stuff brings Christmas cheer.  It is much more in the peace of the morning, the eating of the Christmas bread, or the service at night where we come together with community.  This year it has been found in saying Merry Christmas after we have supplied someone with housing (they were going to be homeless for Christmas).  Or in watching someone take the arm of another and help them into church.  Christmas is found in the much more simple places of the heart.  It is not found in empty things which bring a short spurt of surprise and gladness and then are forgotten tomorrow. 

I remember my oldest sons first Christmas away from home.  He said to me that thing he missed most was the cream cheese braid I made to enjoy on Christmas morning.  This is the gift he has carried with him all these years.  The time spent on making something special and out of love and this is where it abides.  In love.  In love born in a babe, who is God incarnate, come to show us the highest form of love:  sacrifice.