The horizon

Where to go from here?  We have had three wonderful youth join us for a week of leadership training at Holy Cross and I think we ended up as blessed as the young men who benefited from the training.  They had many times of good new things which they learned about:  making a budget, avoiding impulse buying, balancing a checkbook, visiting businesses here, resume writing, job interview questions, setting the table, lay eucharistic minister training, hospital visits and a tour of the hospital, how to be an acolyte, how to have fun, and how two ministers come together in a small town and work with one another.  It was full of many times of discovery for all of us.  It made us as the community of faith much richer because the youth have much to offer back and teach us about life in a minority group, marking time, what their dreams and plans are, what impresses them most about this training, and just plain blessing us! 

Remaining open to God's blessing helps us to see the horizon of what may be.  Just as the youth and Kaze yearned for their first look at New Mexico (top right) the horizons of our life offer us glimpses of God's kingdom.  It makes for a powerful vision of the body of Christ.  How we are all different yet a part of the same body, how we all have different offerings to give and make the body move, and how we all put Christ at the head of that.  Instead of looking at the differences and accentuating them we choose to see the horizon of God's love and blessing.  In this we choose to see that each part of the body of Christ is valued for the many things we can offer one another.  A hand comes in particular need when the stomach is hungry and the mouth needs to be fed.  Only by encountering one another can we open our hearts and minds to this blessing. 

Thanks Spirit Journey Youth for coming and being a part of this blessing for Holy Cross.  We hope it opens doors for both of us so we may all be a part of the larger body of Christ doing God's work in the world.