Lost and Found

Well today we made better time, or at least we relaxed more on the road.  We stopped for a shake at DQ even!  We went from no snow back into snow and mountains into flatland (which Richard could not believe, nor did he remember from our previous trip to Dayton 13 years ago) back into rolling hills (not really mountains), oh and we went from familiar landscape into new unfamiliar landmarks for me.  My long lost relatives live in Dayton, OH and a lot of summers we spent here and went to Kings Island and the Cincinnati Zoo.  Once we got past those places the town names are not familiar and the land is not and it is strange, yet exciting to be in this new area.

Over the past days we have traveled 9 states, been in one blizzard, seen many places, faces, and stayed in different hotels.  Tomorrow we arrive at our new home, one we are hoping and dreaming about. Michael says he hopes it is as he is picturing it.  Anna doesn't want to talk about it.  Jacob is just Jake (don't forget the birthday)! 

The big thing today was how it started.  Bella or Sabella, (as Anna calls her) our cat was lost for awhile.  We looked and looked and knew she couldn't have made it out of the room, but couldn't find her.  Now Bella does not mew when called and she doesn't come when called.  This makes finding her a mystery and a detecting job.  I was ready to go back to the room after looking and calling to her outside and say to Anna, "We need to hit the road the cat is lost."  when out she comes.  Anna had in our absence (as Rich was looking throughout the hotel lobbies) cracked open a creamer and taken a Pepsi can and started hitting it with a spoon crying out, "tuna fish Bella."  Out pops Bella from underneath and behind the bureau.  All of my heartsickness at feeling so bad for leaving the lost cat left and I was mad.  Not too mad, but angry. 

It makes me think of the story of Jesus in the temple, this is one of the gospel options this week (I believe).  Jesus is lost somehow separated from Mary and Joseph during a festival where they visit the temple.  I am sure Mary and Joseph believed he was with other travelers along the way, then when they started to check in with family and friends panic started.  Just as I felt panicked that Bella had somehow made her way outside and we would never find her.  Except with Bella I felt we could and should leave her behind if it delayed us too long.  Well, Mary and Joseph have to travel all the way back to Jerusalem and there they give him the "Don't you know what you did to us" speech.  This is one of the reasons I like this story.  We all know of a time when we have lost a child for a few seconds in a store or they have lost us.  My oldest son Frank lost us in Lady of La Sallete Shrine - we knew where he was - he didn't know where we were.  The tears were copious that day.  Sometimes we get so caught up in our own timing we don't see God's timing.  Were we late this morning so that we could relax more today?  Did Bella, in taking her time make us slow down?  This is the everyday of life, being lost and found.  God's time is different from our time.  Can we be in God's time?