Do you love me

John 21:15-19 reflection story

It hurt, not just one or two, but three times he asked, "do you love me?" Jesus knows I love him. Why did he have to ask it, it hurt. Then this cryptic message at the end. Some meditation junk he does so often. Expecting us to understand him when his head is in the clouds. I  don't know what hurts more, the fact he doubts my love because of my denial or the prediction I can't be in control of my own way.

Couldn't he tell just by the way I greeted him, half naked running to shore once I was told it was him. Is there a problem because I can't just know like the beloved disciple does, who he is now, or what happened these past confusing days. I ran to shore because I love him. I ran to shore because I thought we were the closest. Maybe it will all be fine, I will follow him the best way I know how. Then he'll know. Then he'll understand.

Do you love me? Can we ask ourselves the question, or do we feel as Peter did, unjustified in the asking?