Who is my neighbor

Justification was what the lawyer wanted
  Who is my neighbor?
Is there someway to tell?
  some way to exclude, a way to look better
Your neighbor is the black man dying
  on the street, too many, how many
Your neighbor is the police person
  trying to make a difference
Your neighbor is the person you 
  classify as your enemy
Because this is the story
  of the Samaritan, hated
Racially and religiously wrong 
  yet this is the example
This is you neighbor
  so stop making excuses
Stop defending your righteousness 
  you have to love, it is said
Gently, lovingly try your hardest
  only then can we inherit
The kingdom of God
  so do not rest, until you know
The love which spans and embraces
  every part of your being as my child