"And because of the increase of lawlessness, the love of many will grow cold." Matthew 24:12

Is our love growing cold?
  when we can be diverted with mundane things
Have we given up on love?
  letting lives be taken right in front of us, victim blaming 
Has the love dissolved?
  because we think it's more important to justify

Lawlessness is an action done
  not who does it, not what they wear
Lawlessness violates God's love
  in seeing the other, in acting the same way
Lawlessness is not whose right
  by color, or uniform 

Don't give up on love
  it speaks with an angry voice at injustice
Don't let love rest
  because you rest in self-righteous claims
Don't let love go
  because it hurts to really feel we are the human family

When one hurts we all hurt 
When one dies we have lost
A father, brother, mother, sister, friend

Remember love and you will hear
The cries of our connectedness
The love of God for all and the death of injustice