Songs of love

When we're right in the middle of it 
  there are no words. 
Hate drowns us in its tide 
  and all we can see is that 
    power and hate win the day. 
Then silently, through the tears, 
  through our own surviving 
    we find the new song of love. 
It doesn't let us go. 
It buoys us and takes us 
  toward hearing more
    of its beautiful melody. 
If we loose ourselves 
  in the hate filled words 
    we go under. 
Again and again
  I have gone under believing 
    the fight was to win in voice. 
Now I realize the importance 
  in sharing the song of love 
    with those who choose to receive it. There is a reason why 
  we shake the dust off our feet 
    and leave when others cannot hear 
      and choose another road.
All we can do is express 
  our song the way 
    God gave it to us. 
Keep sharing it with all who will receive.