Reading your names one by one on the plaque
  listed by your baptism on some, others kept
Such a sad thing of loss, you died for faith 
  you died for protection from abuse
No surrender and singing strong, praying
  until the very end, be not afraid
Such a strong decision to say no to power
  you had survived as a tapestry woven
Tribal, Muslim, Christian and then the time
  passed and tolerance was gone
Replaced by the rigidity of my power,
  my way, my right and you were gone
Gone on to peace and grace
  gone on to loves wide open arms
Yes, we tend to romanticize this
  remember, remember is cried
To remember is to know we can't hold 
  rigidly to right and wrong or we forget
Forget and do violence for our own way
  when the way of peace is to place
Faith in coexisting with the whole family
  written into the story again and again
For us to hear, my kingdom does not last
  God's vision of all does