Mark 10:17-31

Jesus says to the man you lack one thing. This is just one of many ways things are turned upside down in today's scripture. After all this man is rich, he has everything someone here on earth desires. He lacks one thing, what that might be is thrown into question because Mark's writer says very quietly that the man is disappointed because he has many things. Can he not leave his things, or can he not picture leaving everything to join this rag tag community of disciples, not having a place to lay his head?

Right after this Peter asks what about us? We left everything for you, don't we get something? It reminds of just a few weeks ago where the disciples are arguing on the road about who is the greatest. Jesus then responds that yes there is a reward, but remember the last are first and the first are last. Jesus evens the playing field. Does Peter lack humility? 

We use this scripture most often to preach a sermon about giving to the church. Today should we examine our hearts instead? What is the one thing we lack? I don't know about you but I can think of many things I lack in when it comes to thinking about God and the kingdom. Sometimes we all just lack the simple support we need from the community gathered to go out once again and come back to a building to worship. 

I saw a sign this week that said being a Christian isn't going to church on Sunday it is about being the church. How are we the church on more than just Sunday. It seems we all lack dollars as budgets are being looked at and creative ways to handle deficits are being discussed, but how are we living faithfully to God's call, what do we lack?

The thing that inspired me most this week was reading Caroline Lewis' blog at and hearing about her being sent out from that community. About how they prayed over her, blessed her, made her feel cared for. We all have that possibility within our own communities, within our own families, within our own small groups by giving of our time and a listening ear. What do you lack?

It is important to care for one another. I know this week at my own church there are many who are hurting. We will do a little different prayer today so we might lift up all the concerns of the community. If at least one person leaves feeling more cared for, more uplifted isn't that stewardship? More than giving of our funds isn't caring for one another our biggest asset? What do we lack and can we turn it into turning the world upside down?