Does God live in the questions

Job 42:1-6, 10-17; Mark 10:46-52

Why do we think we can't question God or even run after Him noisily shouting our need? We have an overall example of this in Job's story. For three weeks we have been reading from Job. First God allows Satan or the trickster to go after Job and when Job loses everything we read about Job wanting to see the face of God. Then we get God's response to Job of who do you think you are, I created all this. Today we end with Job's short response in realizing he is finite and God is not. 

A question, an answer, a response in reconciliation and the story ends Job lived happily ever after. But I think forever changed by his experience. Here is the thing, Job does question why all this bad stuff is happening, he is even mad enough to say that God is hiding from him. This is when God responds. 

Do we ever feel we can be that honest with God? Can we be mad, ask why, say this is too much? Why do we think we can't? Is it because God is too holy. In the Old Testament we receive plenty of examples of God and a human battling out the questions. This is what makes this book a living word and not a history or a set of laws, it is something we can question in the worst of times and in the best of times. 

Today in Mark we have the story of blind Bartimeus, son of Timeus. He won't shut up. Everyone is trying to hush him from calling out to Jesus, but he won't be silenced. Bartimeus must have learned that it is alright to demand a hearing. He is known by his name and most who are healed in Mark are unknown. There is no name and no listing of a relation. Bartimeus earns all of them just from crying out. 

Sometimes we just need to cry out with our sorrow or with our joy. The thing is God can handle it. God also wants to hear from us. It is the way in which we cultivate a relationship with God. We need not stay silent. Cry out.