What does it mean to really be saved?

Is it to have all our cares taken away?

To be freed from everything, allowed

To do just as we please because we're

Most important?  Or is it a softening, a

Place where we're left to learn something

Esther did not win the freedom of her

People, only that they would not be

Wiped out.  Joseph fed his family and

They grew comfortable until forgotten.

Daniel was only free to pray the way he

Wanted to, not let go from captivity

What do we have to learn from being

The smallest, from not always having

Our own way, from finding respect of

Others, from being captive, can we open

Our hearts and minds to learn it, or will

We fight and shame and blame all but

Ourselves. Christ came and died, to free

Us inwardly, is outwardly trouncing

What we learn from the example of Calvary?