We have so many programs now and yet I have not heard one person call Trump a bully. Are we all just bystanders? Is it really just free speech to be unkind, rude, degrading to another person? Our schools teach it, our churches teach it, how to recognize, name, hold others accountable, yet not once have I heard any commentator hold Trump accountable, name it for what it is and there is so much more it is tied to.

Being a white male of privilege who thinks they can say anything. The continued looking at abuse as if we have to stay silent and accept it by turning it into things that are said during a political debate, even though this is not one of the candidates. The continued acceptance of males being able to throw public temper tantrums and expecting they will get their own way.

Trump does not expect consequences being surprised to be kicked out of the next debate is a result of feeling privilege. People have called it reality TV and I don't watch much of it, but if it is glorifying the bully then I don't want to. Bullying is not right under any framework and yet Trump's popularity seems to grow. It is a sad commentary on our society if this continues unchecked. Especially if people are not brave enough to stand up to the bully again. Haven't we come too far?