Bonds of love

Will we be able to hold the bonds of love we share
Each a different part of Christ's body, each open
To where the Spirit leads, its in a different direction
We go, do we really have to break bonds with one
Another? Do we have to make stands and say hurtful
Words? Isn't there enough of that, don't the people
Deserve more, don't we deserve more? Love your
Enemies, friends. Love as the Father has loved me.
Did Christ cut off people? Did he never speak with
Them again? Were his words ever hateful? Where
Do we pick up the cry that we can be that way?
Can we be Christ to one another, serving, blessing,
Holding and understanding? Clothing ourselves
With compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness,
And patience. Bearing with one another and
forgiving just as the Lord forgave us?