The Choice

i choose whether i am the victim, i can stand braver
In the shoes of who i am, if i am afraid my walk,
My talk broadcast that and they can take away me
Hold it hostage to the world, let my vision become
Smaller focused only in dread of what happens
Next and yet i can determine some of it, to face
Truth and let it in the door, to say what the real
Story is and not something the media has cooked
Up on our behalf, i can claim that i am not ashamed
Of me, of the community beyond my door, of
Where i live, shame is for another time because
Shame leads to others coming and wrecking the
Neighborhood where i live when it is safe, when
They are done with broadcasting fear, it is time
To walk with pride and show the beautiful side
Of me to the world, to those who will see this
Child of God wrapped in the skin of beauty