What does it mean to be a servant to all? A few days ago I asked my lectionary bible study group what it would be like if we used Philippians 2:5-11 as a creed? Would it make a difference to say we don't Lord our Christianity over others? That we humble ourselves and serve everyone, even Judas whose feet were washed and in some gospels who was even there to participate in the last supper? Would we actually humble ourselves enough to die, die a shameful, treasonous death? A death that was reserved for thieves, criminals, and terrorists? If the last few days are any indication I don't think so.

We are not ready to claim a tradition as humble as that. We are not ready to love everyone. We are not ready to die to the temptations of worldly power and prominence and surrender ourselves to truly only what God wants us to do. To save a portion of the field and feed those who are hungry, especially the widow, the orphan, or the stranger who does not have to believe what we believe. My heart is sick today. I don't know any other way to put it. It is not political, it is not even christian that makes me say this.

My heart is sick and sorrowful to think we cannot live because we are afraid we'll die. Somehow we have come to believe that persecuting others is the way forward. Fear is at the root of it and I will not be afraid because when we read the whole story of salvation and God's steadfast love it included cheaters, liars, murderers, Samaritans, women, Canaanites, people who weren't Jewish, and it is supposed to have all climaxed at the cross. In total surrender, not defense. In healing a servants ear that was cut off in fear, even though this was the crowd that would kill Jesus. In asking forgiveness for the people who jeered and abused and spat on him, instead of calling down hellfire and damnation.

In what gospel do we live? The one according to ourselves? We had better read deeply this season and question where we operate out of. The gospel of love, surrender and servanthood or another one.