The story

Mark 11:1-11; Mark 14:1-15:47

It's a hard thing to take in all the story today
Some think it can't be done, some want to concentrate
In their own favorite part. We start with hail and hosannas
Then turn and mix in love, which turns to a mock
Of a trial, then to a crowd again with crucify, 
Instead of praise, where do you find your souls
Awakening today? Are you swept up in the tide of the mob
Do you weep at the feet and anoint with expense?
Do you mock what is offered freely, as too freely given?
Do you deny what is moving your connection?
Do you feel abandoned and alone, left out there?
There is a place for you in the great story
Woven in the fabric of the words, just listen
Deeply for the call of your heart and read the story
Where will you find the souls companion? Read