To walk the ways and trudge step by step to a destination.
Relying on one another and the kindness of others. A way
That is not easy and full of people who wish bad, or the
Dangers of being out in the elements, exposed, ragged
Always journeying on foot to the distant goal, step by step.
Did they learn something about endurance? Did they learn
More of faith? Did they learn about the hardness and never
Make it to the far destination they craved? When I think
Of this pilgrimage with all its roughness and exposure,
Could we ever imagine what it was like? To desire
Reaching a place by foot and rejoicing when the destination
Was made, and the sorrow for those who didn't, others
Carrying them forward because of encounters on the
Way. A hard thing, yet it could make or break a faith.
We sometimes quit before the hardness of an easy road.
Might we try harder to be companions on a journey,
To make the way of faith, to reach the farthest shore,
And not quit before we see the promised place and
Become richer for the journey we have made step by step.