Cry of our hearts

The world cries today, great big tears fall dropping at our feet
Because of the loss of what we wanted and dreamed of
Because of the loss of our illusions of safety and peace
Because we thought we were in control and found it illusive
Because we thought we could make a difference and now question
Our resolve, our dissatisfaction with what has happened
We do not want blood on our hands, we do not hate, we do want peace
How do we come to terms with the struggle of our souls 
In wanting justice, all that violence does is shut down the conversation
It vilifies us too even when we didn't do it and we struggle in the face
Of the fragility of it all and wonder at the way forward
So today we cry and wonder where are you God in the midst of all
What is your call to us and please keep all safe and under your care
And when that fails may we grieve together with you for the loss