As I read Isaiah 59:1-15a I am reminded of what a loss justice is when you can't find it. It seems as though protection is not what you receive and you are searching for safety, especially when a victim of domestic violence. A Path Appears showed last night that the victim enters the courtroom through the only door to the courthouse, the same door her abuser goes through. Then the intimidation begins, with whispers, veiled threats communicated by his eyes, and you don't feel you can continue because your not protected.

There is an overwhelming sense of hopelessness that I don't think anyone can understand. It seems the courts do more to protect the abuser, even allowing visitation and no safe place too exchange the children. You are put back time and again into danger and no one cares if you live or die. At least this is what the system seems to say to you.

So today I pray for justice, which sometimes rings empty, that it may truly be served. May we dare to look at our laws and question who is served. May we dare to give women the freedom to choose what is best for them. Because only in the freedom of true love will they be able to become truly free.