It is in the surrender found the glimmer of more
We are not strong enough all on our own we are
Broken, remade, reformed, and reshaped in this
Action transformed from who we were to what
We can become, but it is a constant surrender
Daily we think we can do this all on our own
Daily we find ourselves trapped by the thought
We are the ones, the only ones to do this work
And yet we have to be able to realize all the
Little places we mark as a god and find we get
Lost on the way, overwhelmed and we come
To our knees again, Peter when he denied that
Jesus would die could not fathom the thought
Of giving up all, but he had no vision of what
Gain it would be, being human as he was and
Yet we all have our misunderstanding and find
We are spoken to harshly, where we are again
Made to give up our own lofty ideas, unburdening
Our load in arms uplifted, knowing it is not us
But the One bigger than I who claims us