Wrapped in conflicting sweet sadness is the recall of memories
You left us all so hurt, fragile because of the violence in which
You decided to leave, cutting off all possibility and leaving us
Feeling lost upon the shore, guilty and grieving because we cared
Yet it didn't seem to matter because you didn't stay, for years I
Thought it my fault, for years I sorrowed at the holidays thinking
If I only knew the key you wouldn't have gone, yet that is not the
Truth of it, it never is, I cannot know the depths of your alienation
Or walk in it, this has never been my path, I don't know or understand
The isolation, yet the stories seemed mixed in one another in Matthew
Telling us of the joy of the wise men's visit and then killing follows,
Young babes are taken from their mothers arms and we are left
Empty with the horror,  no different from the taking of life and we
Can't understand the cruelty of being so young and gone, I hope
You walk in the stars at its rising now that another is gone too
I pray you have both found the peace you needed caught in the
Mingled sweet sorrow of love past and present on the ever-changing wind