Come and see

John 1:43-51

"Come and see" says Phillip to Nathanael.  In John Jesus first says this to Andrew and Phillip.  Come and see where I am staying. Doesn't sound really interesting and yet they follow him in the invitation. Today Nathanael doubts there will be much for him to see and yet he comes with Phillip. 

Come and see invites us deeper into experience. When we issue an invitation to come and see it's because we can't describe the full experience. Come and see this new singer out at such and such, we can't sing like them and give to a person the experience so we invite. 

Mark Dancer invites people to come and do a tough mudder because there is something he learns about endurance that he wants to share with everyone. Sam invited and pushed the vestry to send me to Lui because there are things you cannot describe you have to experience them. Children here at Holy Cross invite their friends to Vacation Bible  School because there is something here that they have to experience. 

On one of the commentary sites there was a comment in the line below that stated church was boring and there was nothing to be experienced. What makes our communities of faith vibrant? How do we share what excites us? It is something we need to think about where we are planted. What works in one place does not immediately transfer to another. 

Come and see. What do we want people to come and see in out own communities of faith? What is it that has to be experienced and cannot exactly be described? Is there anything to come and see? Come talk.