I love to sing in a choir because you have to blend in.
You can't stand out, you have to listen to those around you.
You have to listen to other sections, you have to still yourself
Even though you are making sound. It's not just hearing
Those immediately beside you, but all around you. It's
Understanding how your part fits with the rest and it
Makes you fit into the larger community of the choir.
You learn host to soften yourself so low, so silent
That you can hear the voices around you. At other times
You are as loud as can be, trying to give authority but
Not letting your voice stand out above all others.
What kind of world would this be if we learned to
Blend? To listen deeply, to look at the bigger community,
To take each concern as valid, to learn to be quiet, to
Learn to shout out, but not so only our voice is heard.
What would it be like to truly blend into the palette
Of God's unique creation, knowing we are not the only
Ones who tread this earth knowing we are not the only
Ones who matter, but to notice and try to put together
The harmonies of the song of life united in song?