I have been sick and am just starting to feel better. That is why there have been no posts since Christmas. 

As I have listened the past few days to the news and the evaluation of threat on police officers I have just a little anger. Women die everyday because of threats from their intimate partners. These threats are never taken seriously by the public or by the police. Whenever I hear a story of a family that's been killed by the father/husband I shudder as people describe the man as nice, peaceful, and never would have expected this. The signs are always there though. 

That niceness is to cover up the fact that they are abusive and controlling behind closed doors. The more unimaginably nice the more you should suspect abuse. The neighbors had to have heard isolated "arguments" in which the abuser is not just rationally having a disagreement with the spouse. It will be calculated as to who is listening how the words will form. 

I guess the thing that really gets me in these past few days is the question of value of life. Are police officers lives more valuable than women's lives, than black lives?  No, this is not a question tossed out without thought, but with much thought and experience. Everyone who is under threat should be thoughtfully, honestly protected. It is never right to have multiple standards. We need to make sure we are evaluating and being honest about threat to anyone. Until we can honestly answer these questions without being insulted by them then we can start the hard work if really being honest about threat. Please open your hearts and eyes before it is too late again.