The Gift

It came wrapped in silence, through the dim candlelight
Flickering on the wings of silence in the night
A brilliance of hope, born in the darkest day
Ever imagined, when loss was a constant friend.
It came wrapped in the mists of a morn on the water
Through the cry of the loon's mourning all that
Could not be found in all the crowded places of earth
The peace from within, surpassing all the unrest.
It came wrapped in bands of cloth, laid in a simple trough
Trusted to our hands that know such violence and care
Found in the simplest acts of true kindness love came
To teach the world its uncomplicated song and yet
There are times when hope seems to die in the face of injustice
Peace seems lost in the halls of violence, seeing only difference
Love is hard found because we don't see the simplest glow within
And yet, in spite of it all, they are born again through the broken pieces
Because hope cannot be bottled up and put on a shelf
Peace cannot be ignored in its truth of bringing healing
Love cannot be nailed to a cross and die all alone, deserted
We have found the empty tomb, where it was all released again
Reborn in the women who encountered angels to point the way
Found in the terror of encounter with a risen Christ amid fear
Coming through a personal encounter in breaking of bread
We cannot kill any of these they only become stronger in the mending