We shake our heads at the violence done to one another.
This is not what we expected, not how we want to be treated.
Remember to pray, remember to stand together as a body.
We are Christ's body and if one of us is broken, we are
All broken. Stand strong together, go with one another.
Pray deeply for a peace beyond ourselves because it
Doesn't exist here in the places where hearts hold onto
Real and imagined hurts. The only way forward is
Through being a body to the world. It is how it has been.
How it should be not as hurt filed against hurt. Yet somehow
Injustice surprises us in this imperfect world and it shouldn't.
Because injustice lives when we don't know how to forgive,
When we don't know how to speak peace, when we don't know
How to surrender and we think our way is the only one right,
When we don't know how to foster dialogue with one another
That might heal the wounds and finally begin to see the dawn
Of justice. Born in the death of our perfected ideals.