Growing up in Maine when fall comes you start to hear birds leaving. This means that the woods gets quieter. You might hear the blue jay or a chickadee, but not much else. There is no rising to the sound of a plethora of music from the birds. 

Here in Southeast Missouri though we get noisier. The birds are migrating through to warmer climates and actually stop here because it is still warm. The butterflies still come by. It's a beautiful summery time of year. 

Fall is my favorite season so the warmth messes with my perfect pictures of what a fall day should be. I am learning that there are some blessings of a different sacred here. It is not my norm though and my internal clocks sometimes rebels at the smells and the sounds. 

Walking with God takes us through an abundance of seasons. Learning to recognize the sacred in them is one of our challenges. We could just reject this time and then we would miss how God is speaking to us. Take time to recognize holy ground and see what God is saying to you.