Losing life

"For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will save it." Luke 9:24

This verse means so much to me. One night I almost lost my life in the hands of my abuser. It was the start of my coming out from that life. Shortly after this was the first time I left, the first time I was hidden by women who protected me, believed me completely. Years later when I finally escaped I did not have that same protection and faith from women friends. They listened to my abuser and believed false stories about me. I felt desolate.

October is domestic violence awareness month. I don't want this forgotten as we deal with so many other things, especially here in St. Louis. The cycle of violence and abuse of power are all the more acted out in Ferguson right now. There are many similarities between someone who is abused and facing the power of your abuser. Losing your life becomes more of a realty and we are all players in this cycle.

There is victim blaming that goes on and is being said in different places. There is a denial that violence has been at play before. There is a system in place that supports abuse of power and control and fights to keep it in place. It is a hard cycle to break and important to recognize. We all lose if we do not begin to understand this system. It is important for us to find where we have lost our lives so we can gain it.