Hope and faith

Exodus 33:15-22; Thessalonians 1:1-10

Hope is an integral part of faith. Both of these scriptures this morning show that. In Exodus this new community we have been following, complaining through the wilderness, unsure of their next step is asking for some kind of sign to know they are not alone. This is a human need. Wanting a sign for hope. 

When things happen that put us on uncertain ground in our faith walk we may need our own reassurance that God is with us. This happens when we lose a job, a relationship, death, or disease. We want the faithful reassurance that God is somewhere in the mess. Sometimes it means we can take the next steps. Other times people do not find their sign and get lost in the desert. 

God is always there. Sometimes the signs are not what we would want. They are not bright lights or flashing signs, sometimes they are not to be found and it takes the harder walk of throwing our faith onto Christ. This is what is in Thessalonians. 

Paul groups together faith, love and hope. Hope brings the others. The Thessalonians faith is known far and wide because they have been willing to give the story of hope. Sometimes hope is the best good news we can bring. We may even be the sign of hope others need. It means we need to learn our story and share it with those who are hungry for it. Hope keeps faith alive. Can we be that sign to the world?