Who do you say that I am?

Who do you say that I am means more than token words. We have to really dig in to our relationship with God in order to answer the question. For the disciples it was easier to respond with the things others had said about who Jesus was. Peter responds with the boldness that Peter always has. He knows from travels, from witness, from walking this earth with Jesus who he is. 
This is what the Christian life demands of us also. Who do you say that I am? It is important for us to answer for ourselves because it means we have drawn ourselves into deeper relationship with God. Peter's confession eventually costs him his life in the end. 
We stand at the precipice ourselves. Who do you say that I am is not something we can answer by reciting the creed or coming to Jesus.  Who do you say that I am invites us to work at who we believe Jesus to be. We don't always get it right either, just like Peter who just a few lines later denies that Jesus has to suffer and die. We shouldn't be afraid to step out though and try to wrestle with this question, who do you say that I am. 

There are people who show us exactly who they believe Jesus is from the work that they do. They proclaim loudly who they see Jesus as. Desmond and Mpho Tutu started the Forgiveness Challenge because of writing their book on forgiveness not long before. We know Desmond Tutu helped to lead a truth and reconciliation process in South Africa once Apartheid ended. Bishop Tutu says with the work he does that Jesus is truth and reconciliation.

Who do you say that I am asks us to find out who we are because its vitally important to the world. We have a message to give others about who Jesus is to us. If we never explore the depths of it we cheat others and ourselves out of the gifts we have to bring to the world. Dare to take the steps and ask the question because it is life-giving.