The words are so sad in light of all else
Another burden, another slight and none
Of it builds the community, everyone looks
For the way out never daring to claim their part
And the sin is worse in the words of it
In the disclaimers said as people scramble
To look as though they are not the ones,
Not racist and the sad part is we all are
We have all been conditioned by a society
Who loves conformity, who clings to order
In this we are taught who is wrong and who is
Right all determined by color, where we live
It negates all the beauty of our shared humanity
When we can claim and name it the sin is brought
Forth, when we hide beneath fabric of blame
We don't do anyone any favors, naming and
Claiming sin is part of our business, part of
Bringing things to light, may we have the
Strength to do the work you would have us do God