A fragile peace lies held in the next move
Trust has to be reestablished because
It has been destroyed in the violation
Of an act. Hurting all who have been touched
By the words, actions, violence and we
Wait to see if what we all expect
Will continue or if something new
Can come out of the ashes as we all
Try to stand side by side. Making sure
Voices are heard and respected
Trying to pray reconciliation amidst
What is usual. Trying for a piece of
Good news out of something so offensive.
Where is the deep, deep love and flow?
Have we loosed something in heaven
We would never want? Do we bind things
Further? How might we get a glimpse of
the kingdom? Somehow we find it is in
The waiting and sitting side by side.
We cannot deny the ties of love which
Bind us no matter what this earth says.
God bind us further for your kingdom.