The familiar landscape is transfigured by the morning mist. 
It seems unfamiliar, I am a stranger in a strange land. 
Yet the morning calls of birds, frogs, insects remains
Unchanged. They are the grounding of the scene. 
What keeps us in touch with what we know and don't know. 
Because we can't see through the thick veil. 
Jesus, James, Peter, and John stand on the familiar ground
Of prayer, of the mount and in an instant it is all changed. 
All unfamiliar, all has come apart Jesus is transformed in their eyes. 
And yet God's voice grounds it all "this is my Son, the chosen, listen to him."
It still grounds us today in the unfamiliar spaces we walk
In our own lives. We have to choose to listen deeply
When the world is unfamiliar, when we feel we are 
Looking through the veil of sorrow or change. 
God's voice bids us to listen again, listen to the familiar words. 
We are still on solid ground as long as we are not afraid.