Adele Gardner's funeral is today at All Saints in Skowhegan. I did my mentored practice at this church 5 years ago. Adele played the old pump organ at the church. The first Sunday I was there at the peace she grabbed my hand and said, "you've been trained, where?" We shared a love of music and so much more. 

We would go out to eat each Sunday as I was an hour from home and not only share a meal, but share stories. Adele told me so much about her. How she went to Julliard, how she taught at a school that was rough in New York, how she lived in a car and left her first husband, how much she missed her daughter, and how she came to Maine. 

As she shared all these things and more we became deeply rooted in one another's lives. God gives us opportunities to deeply share our lives with one another. I think part of the reason Adele opened up to me was from knowing pieces of my own story. How I had been in an abusive relationship and left, about my family, and about studying music. 

I treasure the time we had together at All Saints, Adele made it sweet as did many others there. "Blest be the tie that binds, our hearts in Christian love, the fellowship of kindred minds is like to that above." Adele is now home in faith we have the hope of being God's children. I am glad for the gifts of story shared, of our shared faith, and our shared hope. Rest in peace and rise in glory Adele.