Let it rain in big fat drops
Coming down hard and pounding
Let me feel the grief within
The loss of you more profoundly
Let the earn dampen with the tears
Of those who will miss you on this shore
Let it rain a soft light refreshing cleanse
So people remember grief is not a gauge
But a release in increments and there
Is no time like now to let it flow
Healing this hole left in one who has
Known you, lived by you, walked with you
Let it rain just a mist something that still
Makes us aware of a light touch so
We can take all the losses this world gives
And pray them to the heavens giving them back
To God on each and every light drop
It coats our arms, our lives, our walk
To give love to another in this world
 It makes us rounder, fuller, more alive
Yet all the losses cost us bits of ourselves and
We give them back to God who lost us all