Morning Prayer

This is my morning prayer that we listen deeply to others, that we may breath before we respond in anger, that we may want peace so much we may ask more questions and seek more solutions before we act in anger, revenge, and retaliation. May we seek the harder road of peace and reconciliation so that stories may be told honestly and openly and we may grieve injustice together.
This is my morning prayer that we walk lightly upon this earth, because how we consume and treat our world reflects directly on how we treat one another. May we revel in the morning dew, may we see the beauty of the sunset, may we know the names of the plants and animals that are our neighbors so that we may want to know our other neighbors. May we be humbled by the fragility and unpredictability of life and realize a future is held within the earth.
This is my morning prayer that God bind us together in the human family, in the family of the world we live and walk on. May we open ourselves to your presence in all that surrounds us. May we dare to know more deeply Your love for us, for those around us, for the world. May we be able to receive with care all that You have given to us and walk the ways in which You would have us go. AMEN